How to Get Ivermectin

This web page is to help people source Ivermectin. We are not affiliated in anyway with any organization or business linked on this page. You should know that we are not doctors and you must take full responsibility for your health and what you put into your body. You should also know that Ivermectin is an incredibly safe drug - a far safer drug than even Tylenol.

Over the past 40 years, Ivermectin has been given billions of times. It is one of the safest drugs on the planet. The person who discovered Ivermectin was given a Nobel prize in 2015. It is recommended by highly credible doctors and scientists including The BiRD Group and the FLCCC.

If you are reading this you are probably already aware that Ivermectin is an amazing tool for preventing and treating Covid 19.

We hope this page is helpful. If you wish to make suggestions and/or include other reputable resources - you can try reaching us at the r/ivermectin sub-reddit here.

How to Get Ivermectin in the United States With a Prescription

If you are located in the US, your best bet is to check the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) web site.

When you utilize the resources at the FLCCC you are going to get a consult with a doctor. It is required in the United States that a doctor write your prescription.

Your cost will run anywhere from $85 ($55.00 for consult / $30.00 for prescription (prescription will depend on your weight, but would be for approximately 28 3mg tablets with 2 addtional refills)) and up. The "and up" usually includes more extensive consult and addtional pharmceuticals beyond Ivermectin such as antibiotics.

As far as we know, the least expensive means of sourcing Ivermectin from the FLCCC recomendations is by using the Medici app. For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Medici app click here.

If paying out of pocket you should use to get a coupon. The savings can be as much as $70.00. Also, there are incidences where CVS (among the least expensive US pharmacies) may give you a hard time if you are using insurance. You may have better luck paying out of pocket.

For a complete list of doctors who you can consult with and get a prescription click here.

Other US doctors supporting Ivermectin:

  1. Advanced Urgent Care (Florida) - offers telemedicine

How to Get Ivermectin Anywhere (and Without a Prescription)

If you are located elsewhere in the world you may want to consider Indian pharmacies. India manufacturers a huge amount of Ivermectin and is well positioned to supply the world. For this reason and because Ivermectin is very simple and inexpensive to produce, the likelihood of fraud is negligible. Many, including the authors of this site, source and take Ivermectin from India. That said, you need to be a wary consumer. There was recent study (here) that claims particular brands of ivermectin from India can be impure. The study is important to read for yourself to understand the implications. These are the brands they found contained not only ivermectin, but things like acetaminophen, icyclomine, telmisartan, diclofenac, hydroxyzine, mebeverine, nortriptyline, ornidazole, pregabalin. These are not toxic substances but they could have adverse reactions with other medications you may be taking. For these reasons you should be careful about buying Indian ivermectin. Paticularly these brands: Ivery12, Iverwon-12, Spimect-12, Iveractin12. Biomec12 had no additional drugs. If you are not confident in sourcing from India (many aren't), veterinary pastes and liquids may be the way to go.

Indian pharmacies do not require a prescription.

Some people feel that they are expensive. Relative to the cost of acquiring Ivermectin in the US, it is less expesnive because you aren't paying for the consult.

Click to visit

Click to visit

Note: It appears that Indian Pharmacies cannot ship to Canada or Australia. If anyone has alternate suggestions please comment at this subreddit: r/ivermectin. Meanwhile, consider veterinary pastes and liquids. It's the same thing and probably less expensive.

Shipping to the US from India has been known to take 5-17 days.

Below are some images of two different brands we received from

Do I Need to Consult With a Doctor?

It would be important to consult with a Doctor especially if you are pregnant or have other extenuating health issues. However, for most people it is uneccessary.

Ivermectin is safe. There are far less adverse effects with Ivermectin than Tylenol. In many countries, Ivermectin is sold over-the-counter.

In addtition, dosage is straight forward.

About Ivermectin Dosage

To learn more about dosage with regards to Ivermectin in tablet form follow the FLCCC protocols here.

What About Sourcing Ivermectin from Farm or Veterinary Supply Stores?

There are some who try to discredit pastes as a source of Ivermectin. They shouldn't. It's the same thing you'll get in a tablet form and it might be your best bet for acquiring Ivermectin. Many people do this every day.

Below are resources regarding human usage of horse paste:

YouTube: Human taking horse paste Ivermectin?

Tractor Supply Co: Zimecterin (plain, not "Gold")

Amazon: Durvet

Amazon: Norbrook (liquid)

Data Sheets for the super curious:

List of excipients
Eqvalan oral paste
Note: Eqvalan GOLD contains 2 active ingredients (ivermectin and praziquantel), which is not what you want.
Bimectin injectable version
Bimectin paste - ingredients not disclosed according to Durvet, a company that distributes it: Ivermectin-Paste_Bimeda_112015_SDS.pdf
Equimax, Zimecterin Gold - contains praziquantel, so avoid this.

Other Options

Sourcing ivermectin can be very stressful for some. If that's you and you can't find a doctor to prescribe it, you should know that there are many ways to treat covid.

Vitamin D is very important in preventing serious illness. Consider Vitamin D3 with K2 (for better absorbtion). Also add Melatonin and Quercetin to your medicine cabinet.